Additional features
They absorb water and do not leave streaks and assure hygiene and brightness.

Recommended for
Any surface, even the most delicate such as marble, parquet and ceramic.

Advised to
Anyone who desires quality mops, with high absorbent power, effective against the most stubborn dirt and delicate on surfaces.

Thanks to their extraordinary quality and resistance, our microfiber mops manage to capture the most persistant dirt ( like the one between tiles and on irregular surfaces), requiring smaller efforts and leaving the floor clean and brilliant.
Eco-friendly mops are made from viscose, are effective against the most stubborn dirt, absorb and clean without leaving streaks on any kind of surface, marble, parquet
and ceramic. Cotton mops, made from soft cotton fibre, are specifically designed to satisfy the most exigent customers and are perfect for the professional sector
(catering, cleaning companies, and so forth). Traditional mops are light, effective and they guarantee an effortlessly and rapid cleaning.